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We are a modern 24 room ultra luxury resort within the Mid Century L’Horizon Resort and Spa. Designed with a nod to Richard Nuetra and mid-century modernism, the Hermann Bungalows are fully modern. Designed and finished to the highest standards in the world, the resort is beyond residential quality. Walnut walls, Venetian terrazzo floors, and custom furniture pieces, will make you feel like you are staying at a most discerning friend's fabulous weekend home. Unlike anything else in the United States, the Hermann Bungalows set the standard for modern luxury.

Entering through the lobby at L’Horizon you will be escorted to the premises located adjacent to the original hotel. Featuring a separate bar and lounge area, with the rooms surrounding the sun shelf pool, The Hermann Bungalows are a fully contained separate resort within a resort. Feel free to use all the amenities of L’Horizon, such as the main pool, the Spa, and the renowned SOPA restaurant, or retreat back to the privacy of the Hermann Bungalows. Each of our rooms and suites feature private backyards and patios providing an immediate connection to your desert surroundings.